hella real jewish ritual

this reading comes from numbers 16:1-18:32

aaron took everything moses told him to take and dashed into the crowd as the damage already started in the people so he offered the incense and covered over the people

as he meditated among both the living and the dead the epidemic was stopped

the death toll in the epidemic was 14,700 in addition to the deaths caused by the korah affair

then aaron winded towards moses to the shelter building door and the epidemic was stopped

numbers 17:12-15

moses placed the rods towards the face of what is in the golden shelter

the next day moses entered the truthspace and found aaron’s rod of the levite household blooming–– it had put out flowers, sprouted leaves and was yielding high level scholarship

so moses brought out all the rods from the face of what is towards all the theoconflicted children and they finally got it and committed each to their own roles

numbers 17:22-24

then the one that is or isn’t said to aaron: “you, your progeny and your father’s line will be accountable for the temple’s inequities, and you and your children will be bear the shadow inversions of your preisthood. also advance your relatives––the rod of levi, your father’s tribe––together with yourself, and they’ll accompany you and help you out, you and your children to the golden shelter surfaces. they will hold space for you personally and for the whole shelter, except they won’t come near the fire containers or the altar so neither you nor they die.”numbers 18:1-3

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