hella real jewish ritual

this week's reading comes from numbers 4-7

with audio processing by the inimitable sam genovese

the hebrew lyrics come from ruth 2:14 where boaz says to ruth "come eat the powerbread and dunk your chunk in the real junk"

״ויאמר לה בעז לעת האכל גשי הלם ואכלת מן הלחם וטבלת פתך בחמץ ותשב מצד הקוצרים ויצבט לה קלי  ותאכל ותשבע ותתר״

רות ב יד
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then the one that is spoke to moses for this purpose: “call together the people who wrestle with what is so they can send away from the community every hatespeaker and every sexoffender and every bloodshedder: you’ll send them away male or female––you’ll send them out of town so they don’t contaminate their communities inside which i live” so the powergrappling people did exactly that and sent them to from out the camp the same thing that what is spoke to moses that’s what the israelites did

numbers 5:1-4


what is spoke to waterpuller to get this done: “speak to theoboss’s children and tell them that when a messenger of any gender reaches beyond themselves, to vow a vow of separation to dedicate a time to what is, then they will keep away from desire and intoxication, they won’t drink any wine vinegar or grain vinegar, they won’t drink any grape juice and won’t eat any fresh or dried grapes. throughout their time away, from seeds all the way to juice, they won’t eat anything made of the desire plant”

numbers 6:1-4

tell aaron and his sons: “in this way you will bring power to the people who struggle with Power, by willing this towards them: ‘what is manifests you and guards you: what is radiates its surfaces toward you and reveals hidden wisdom to you: what is raises it’s face toward you and sets aside wholeness for you:’ this way they will address my therename over israel’s children and i will empower them”

numbers 6:23-27

i thank your face you solid living monarch because you returned my therebreath into me with warmth your reality is huge


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moses cries out these words to ask for miriam's healing (numbers 12:13 / במדבר יב יג)

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