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waterpuller's light: in principle

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this album features contributions from artists across the united states, latin america, europe and israel: turk & divis and taya ma; kataryna kopelevich and bárbara lázara; ravid kahalani of yemen blues; iiitaiii and amy foote; adrienne adar and sidney chen; mateo lugo; will gluck (of blessed memory); brett carson; edan mor; árbol ruíz; maayan tsadka; and david israel katz.

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waterpuller's light has been throwing weekly torah readings at you since 2020.

in principle covers the twelve episodes of genesis in one release.

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i thank your face you solid living monarch because you returned my therebreath into me with warmth your reality is huge


this video starring our friend kamerin

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san francisco based performance group foreignfire creates aesthetically powerful events in the overlapping area of performance art and jewish ritual

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moses cries out these words to ask for miriam's healing (numbers 12:13 / במדבר יב יג)

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אל נא רפא נא לה

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