hella real jewish ritual

this week’s reading comes from deuteronomy 3:23-7:21 with visuals by árbol ruiz

the hebrew lyrics come from ruth 2:14 where boaz says to ruth "come eat the powerbread and dunk your chunk in the real junk"

״ויאמר לה בעז לעת האכל גשי הלם ואכלת מן הלחם וטבלת פתך בחמץ ותשב מצד הקוצרים ויצבט לה קלי  ותאכל ותשבע ותתר״

רות ב יד
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new single: powerbread

back then the one appointed me to teach you customs and rules for you to perform in the earth that you transgress to inherit so you are as cautious with your souls as you are with money since it was no image that you experienced when the one spoke to you in dehydration from the fire’s inside so you do not corrupt by constructing for yourselves the useless image of any symbol the image of either male or female



if you seek what’s beyond you from that place then you will find if you contemplate them with your whole desire and with your total life in what’s narrow for you even all these words will find you in the afterdays and you will turn all the way to the one outside you and hear inside their voice because a wombed transcendence is what exists beyond you won’t weaken you won’t spoil you and won’t forget your shapegivers’ handshake that it sevened to them



listen theoboss: what is out there for you. what is one. eat the only pleasure with your whole heart with your whole body and through all your power so these speechacts that call you right now hum over your will and you gift them as teeth to your children chew them in your hometurning and in your pathwalking and in your breakdown and in your buildup alphabetize them over your knotted doings so they will hover among your visionsprings and get written on your personlimits and in your peoplelimits



i thank your face you solid living monarch because you returned my therebreath into me with warmth your reality is huge


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moses cries out these words to ask for miriam's healing (numbers 12:13 / במדבר יב יג)

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