hella real jewish ritual

i thank your face you solid living monarch because you returned my therebreath into me with warmth your reality is huge


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moses cries out these words to ask for miriam's healing (numbers 12:13 / במדבר יב יג)

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waterpuller’s light #40: וארא

three selections from the second episode of exodus

the unknown one––waterpuller’s power––intended: “take it in. i gave you to frazzlehead as therepowers and your gestator counterpart is your inbringer. you articulate the totality that i call to you and gestator your counterpart will command the undone to expel the angelfighting offspring from their physicality. but i will crystalize interruptor’s will so i can explode my traces and evidences in the tootight earth.”

exodus 8:1-3

“because in this shockwave i funnel my total disasters into your desires, through your workers and through your allies. when that all happens you will know: nothing resembles my whatness in anything physical. for example, if right now i stretch my doing to smack you and your people with a curseword, you’ll vanish from existence. but that’s exactly why i leave you standing (for now): to show you my power for the purpose of demonstrating my thereness through total physicality.”

exodus 9:14-16

waterpuller came out from with interruptor––out of the citythey spread their palms toward what is, and the voices and icefire stopped and no rain lashed at the earth. interruptor saw that the lashing and icefireballs and sounds stopped, and stepped through into more contamination––graving his heart, he and his servants. interruptor’s resolution strengthened, so he did not expel the theobossing spawn––same as what is communicated to waterpuller.

exodus 9:33-35