hella real jewish ritual

new forgivenesses for the new hebrew year with the voices of foreignfire subscribers and contributors

thank you to all of you, and a sweet and happy new year

i thank your face you solid living monarch because you returned my therebreath into me with warmth your reality is huge


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moses cries out these words to ask for miriam's healing (numbers 12:13 / במדבר יב יג)

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אל נא רפא נא לה

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"was is will be womblike and beautiful transcendence, long tempered huge loved and truthed, unlocking forgiveness for the thousands, lifting corruption crime and pollution and not giving up––"

exodus 34:6

waterpuller’s light #29: לך לך

this week’s reading comes from genesis 12-17 with chanting from ravid kahalani

a reality crafter decided for her: i’ll much your spawn so much that it would be uncountable from muchness

reality crafter decided for her: you are mountained to birthing a buildling so you can call his thereness therehears if oneness listens to your painhe is a human fruit who touches totality while totality touches him and is present on all his brother’s faces

genesis 16:10-12

superfather collapsed on divine surfaces so to the hum could tell him to decide my place is here in my cutting with you that you are the source of massive bodies and your address is no longer superfather so your thereness can be high humming daddy when i give you source for tons of bodies

genesis 17:3-5

to the hum decided for highdaddy your woman ruly––don’t call her thereness ruly because her thereness is ruleri realize her and also give from her to you a buildling so i can materialize her to be for bodies communal powerdrivers originate from her highdaddy collapsed on its flats laughing and spoke through his desire is there birth for a hundred years’ son or does ruler the ninety years’ daughter give birth

genesis 17:15-17