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after a full year of weekly torah readings, waterpuler's light 2020-21 concludes this week with edition #53: תזריע-מצרע

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waterpuller's light #53: תזריע-מצרע

three selections from the fourth and fifth episodes of leviticus:

the only power told signpusher and mountainer straight up: when you penetrate the surrendered materiality that i give you to hold, if i give a touch of rot in your held country’s home, then those whose home it is would enter and say to the yestotally “like a touch seems to me in the home.” the yestotally will call the house to be emptied before the yestotally goes in to see the touch, so the totality in the home is not corrupted, and after that the yestotally will come in to see with the home. they’ll see the touching––there: the touching in the home’s walls––earthbloody or spitgrassy dipplets, and their look humbles from the wall. then the yestotally will come out of the home to the home opening and lock the home down seven seas.



the yestotally will return in the seventh timesea and envision: if the touching spread in the home walls, then the yes totally will call it, and they’ll wedge out the stones with the touching in them and throw them away urban god of externalities god of corrupt establishment. they would learn transcendent laws and bring them in––god of the underlaw––and a dust beyond will be learned to plaster the home. but if the touching blows back and blossoms in the home after the stones were liberated and at the trails of scraping and the traces of plastering; and the yestotally penetrates with vision and what do you know the touching spread in the home; it’s a violent disintegration in the home––it’s contaminated. crush that house with its laws and its structures and excrete all this house’s dirt to the outside of civilization to the place of exclusion.



but if the yestotally penetrates for real and dreams and there––the touching did not spread in the home at the traces of plastering the home, then the yestotally will purify the house if the touching is healed. for decontaminating the house they’ll learn the lessons of two birds, cedarstrength, worm vermillion and dripgrass. they’ll slit the one bird to a ceramic vessel over living truth. they’ll learn with the cedarstrength and with the dripgrass, with the worm vermillion and with the living bird, and dip them in the slit bird’s blood and in the living truth and spray toward the house a pulsation oath. they’ll decontaminate the home in the bird’s blood, in the living water, in the living bird, in the cedarstrength, in the dripgrass and in the worm vermillion. they’ll send the living bird to the outside of civilization to the field surfaces. they’ll cover over the house and it’ll clear out.



marcel goldner-katz's teaching on exodus 21-24

i thank your face you solid living monarch because you returned my therebreath into me with warmth your reality is huge


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