hella real jewish ritual

they got high and explored physicality from dry emptiness through expansion all the way to penetrating sunheat

they rose higher into dryness but one of them went as far as the burial ground where the giant mountainbelly, marblefoot and craterstepper were necklacing the sun, and this cemetery was seven times bigger than zoan in the doublenarrows

they deepened as far as the bundlestream where they cropped some vines and a single truthcluster that required two people and a techplatform to even remember + tart cosmic commands + sweet utopian visions

numbers 13:21-23

“and now, my foundational force, please give generously for the same purpose you’ve already drilled in: ‘the one who is superpatient and overflowing with love, who forgives crimes and injustices but does not forget or clean them out, who remembers the crimes of the founding fathers over their descendants for three and four generations––' please forgive the iniquities of this nation as generously as your love allows, the same way you carried this nation through from slavery all the way to this” and the one that is said “i forgive––only to match your argument”

numbers 14:17-20

it will keep poking you until you understand it and eternalize the totality of cosmic laws and apply them in practice so you stop fraying yourselves by yielding to your greeds and to your lusts which you follow into corruption

it’ll move you towards enshrining and practicing the wholeness of my callings until you become enflamed towards what’s beyond you

i that am beyond you, same one who pulled you out of earthly confinement to be your transcendence––i am out there for you

numbers 15:39-41

this reading comes from numbers 13:1-15:41 sid chen did the chanting and bill baird made the videos

waterpuller's light #8: שלח לך