hella real jewish ritual

waterpuller's light #62: וילך

29 september 2022

three selections from deuteronomy 31

my violence will burst inside them at that time and i’ll leave them and hide my faces from them so they become edible and huge pressing troubles find them so they conclude that time “isn’t it because my outpower is not in my guts that these troubles find me.” and i will mistfully mystify my surfaces at that time over the whole mess they made when they faced derivative powers. so now record this poetry for yourselves and teach it to the angelpuncher kids put it in their mouth so this poetry speaks for me like gold inside the angelpuncher kids.deuteronomy 31:17-19

then when huge stressful troubles find them this poetry will sing to their face like a storyteller because it’ll never rust away from their sperm’s mouth if i fertilize their shaping urge that they realize right now before i bring them into the earth i sevened. so waterpuller writes this poetry right then and teaches it to the angelpuncher kids. calling up fish child godhero saying harden up and tighten up because you bring the angelpuncher kids to the earth i sevened them and i (is) am with you.deuteronomy 31:21-23

as waterpuller completes encoding the messages of this light over narrative through to their perfection waterpuller calls up the escorts who carry the what is cut container with a decision: learn this light narrative to name it aside from the cut of what is your out container and the name is inside you for gold.

deuteronomy 31:24-26

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