hella real jewish ritual

waterpuller's light #61: נצבים

22 september 2022

three selections from deuteronomy 29:9-30:20

if your desolate hangs out at the sky tip then the infinite power out there for you collects you from there and gets you out of there so what is your power brings you in to your parents’ material possession so you inherit it to make you bigger and better than your parents. what is out there for you will cut open your willfulness and your kernel desire to eat the only powerful pleasure with a full heart, a full body toward your life.

you will turn on to hearing the only sound to obey all its orders that i order you right now. what is your power will excess you in your whole hand making belly fruiting animal fruiting and dirt fruiting for the best if what is goes back to lusting over you good the way it lusts over your parents. because you hear your only powersound to protect its orders and etchings encoded in this lit description, because you turn on to what is your power in your full want, in your full blood.

if your want diverges to not hearing then you’ll get isolated and flatten out to other powers to slave for them. i spill it out on you today that you’ll get totally lost you won’t last long on the earth that you cross that downflower to get in there and take. i set all perceivable phenomena and unreachable transcendence as absolute parameters for you right now: i give life and death to your face––manifestation and deterioration––so you grab life, moving to you-living, you and your sperm, to love what is your power to hear its sound and stick to it because it’s your life and your timespan to sit on the earth that what is sevenfolded to your parents––to highhummingpapa, gigglewiggle and heelgrabber––to give them.

deuteronomy 30:17-20

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