hella real jewish ritual

waterpuller's light #58: בחקתי

26 may 2022

three selections from the tenth and last episode of leviticus:

if you move through my engravings and sustain my calls to make them happen then i’ll bring your manifestations on time the earth will give its product and the tree of the field will give its fruit for you threshing will catch up to cropping and cropping will catch up to seeding so you’ll eat your fill of food and sit secure in your earth

leviticus 26:3-5

even this too: while they are in their hater’s wealth i don’t get tired of them and i don’t get sick of them to the point of finishing them off and driving my cut with them to ashes because i am the is out there for them i memorialize first dibs for them on the cut––that i extricated them from tootight materiality––for the bodies to see––to hum out there for them the i is. these engravings logics and showings are the ones is placed between is and between the angelfighting kids in the fire womb in waterpuller’s hand

leviticus 26:44-46

a fat ten percent of controlled and freeroaming product––anything countable––the tenth is reserved for the is they don’t sift through between good ones and bad ones––no substitutions. if they do substitute it then both it and its substitution goes to fire, no buts. these callings are the ones is called with waterpuller toward the angelfighting kids in the height of light

leviticus 27:32-34

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