hella real jewish ritual

waterpuller's light #57: בהר

19 may 2022

three selections from the ninth episode of leviticus with chanting from yanay nir:

don't snip your leftover cut and don't parch your monastic grapes it'll be a saturdayish nap for the physical matter's stillness will become your consumption––yours, your all gender slaves, your paid workers and your residents who share your fear, your beast and the living thing that's inside your matter all its inbringing will be for eating

leviticus 25:5-8

so you'll count yourself seven stillness comebacks seven repetitions seven pulses so the seven stillness changes become forty nine cycles for you you'll make visible an abundance fanfare in the seventh renewal in the tenning to the new in the coverup age you'll manifest plentitude in your total earth you'll firefocus the fifty year change to call out freedom on earth to all her sitters she'll become a godwilting for you so you'll reseat person to their grabbing and return person to their family

leviticus 25:8-10

it's a hornblow! that fifty year comeback is for you––you won't seed and you won't cut her leftovers and you won't dry up her monastics because it's a hornblow it'll be your fire condensation you'll swallow her product from the total field in this hornblow comeback you'll blow each person back to their grabbing

leviticus 25:11-13

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