hella real jewish ritual

waterpuller’s light #52: שמיני

8 april 2021

three selections from the third episode of leviticus:

[signpusher] meant for the closet to “learn yourself a controllable speed for decontamination and a mature forcefulness for an upstroke––both impeccable––and bring them close to the surfaces of is. but the powerstruggling kids––talk them into learning a hairy daring for sanitization and a roller and a lamb––question worthy, whole––for a raiser; an ox and a batterer for satisfactions to dripgift for the outside of what is plus an oil soaked offering, because today the one will be perceptible to you.

leviticus 9:2-4

the closet pardoned his own doings towards the withness to manifest them, and came down from doing the decontamination the upstroke and the satisfactions. then signpusher and the closet entered the timegold cover, exited, and softened the withness to their knees so the gravity of what is was sensible––the power of total withness. then a spark fired fromto the faces of is and consumed on the dripgift block the raiser and the fats. the total withness envisioned and chanted and collapsed on their faces.

leviticus 9:22-24

the closet’s buildlings––giver and isshaper––each took their fearhandlers and gave fire in them, and named a smoker over it and brought close to the outsides of what is a foreign fire solicited from them by not. a spark fired fromto the faces of is and ate them, so they died to the faces of is. then signpusher said to closet “the one who spoke is it. intending: i firefocus inside my guts, and i gravitate over the total withness face.” then the closet froze.

leviticus 10:1-3

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