hella real jewish ritual

waterpuller’s light #51: special passover reading

1 april 2021

special passover reading with chanting and audiovisual collaboration from michal oppenheim-landau

the power messenger moving to the powerfighting camp’s face travels and moves from their beyonds; the meditative ambiguity travels from their surfaces and meditates from their othernesses––then it penetrates an understanding of the tootight cluster and an understanding of the powerfighting cluster so the diffusion and dark fire appear and it interprets the night so this does not come close to that a total night then signpusher bends their action over the sea and what is moves with chaotic waves in a daring primordial gap the total darkness and names chaos for evaporation and then the water breaks

exodus 14:19-21

what is means for signpusher “skew your doing over the sea so the water turns over the tootight––over its machinery and over its managers” so signpusher skews their action over chaos and the sea returns to its flow as checktime turns and the tootights are miracled to its calling but what is shakes the tootight with the inside of chaos so the waters turn and swallow the machinery and the management of the whole interrupting vibration that enters behind them in the sea––nothing was left inside them until one

exodus 14:26-28

the powerfighting kids moved in dryness on the inside of chaos as cosmic law walls for them from their south and from their north in that time what is saves powerfighter from tootight’s grip so powerfighter sees tootight dead on the lip of chaos and powerfighter takes in the huge hand that what is did in tootight so the people see what is and trust what is and their worker signpusher

exodus 14:29-31

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