hella real jewish ritual

waterpuller's light #50: צו

25 march 2021

three selections from the second episode of leviticus

waterpuller brought close gestator and their establishers and washed them in chaotic teachings‬‏‪ gifting the shirt over them and wrapping them with the sash, de-shaming them with the overcoat and gifting the vest over them, belting them in the vestral calculation and investing them in it. then they placed the sensor over them and gifted the sensor with the lights and the perfections. they named the hat by creation’s guiding point and placed over the hat––to a reflection of their face––the golden sprout, purity crown, the way what is called it to waterpuller.

leviticus 8:6-9

waterpuller took the smearing oil and rubbed the presence place and the totality inside it, purifying with them. sprayed from it over the dripgift table a pulsations oath and smeared the dripgift table with all its instruments and the basin with its stand to fire focus them. then they poured from the smearing oil over gestator’s head to fire focus them. and waterpuller brought gestator’s heirs close, de-shamed them by shirts, belted them a sash and mounted them hats the way what is showed waterpuller.‬‏‪

leviticus 8:10-13

“you will not come out from the timegold shade opening for a timeseas oath through your fillup day’s day of filling up because your hand will fill up with seven aeons. the same way it was done on that day the only power called it to be done to cover up for you. you’ll meditate at the golden time shade doorway in light and darkness for a timesea oath, to keep the keeping of what is so you don’t die, because that’s how i was called.” so the closet and their buildlings practiced with the total words that what is called in waterpuller’s hand.

leviticus 8:33-36

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