hella real jewish ritual

exodus 19:3-5

exodus 19:13-15

Moses, Allah, God, Elohim; Leviticus is the goal of Jehovah And from the mountain, they told Moses, Say this to the house that will follow And say it also to those who don't follow in Israel: You have seen what I did to Egypt, I scored a free flight for you on Eagle Airlines, And brought you to me.

And now, if you hear yourself Hear me in my own voice, If you follow the deal, You shall be my most purple people of all the peoples

Cause I own the entire land

Can't touch this! That’s word because you know He's going to be hammered, go hammered, MC Hammered, yo hammered If he's a beast, bust a few moves, if he’s a man, look in my eyes, man, you can’t touch this. If you stall the Jubilee, They will climb the mountain. So moses is coming down from the mountain Unto the people; And he sanctified the people; So they went to do their laundry, But only the dresses. Only the dresses? Come on, He said to the people, Set the correct cycle settings for three days: Don't approach Wonder Woman.

this reading is a special one for shavuot and comes from exodus

with chanting from the brilliant noa bar, sax and sounds from the talented edan mor and translations by the great eran hadas

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exodus 20:1-14

waterpuller's light

#5: שבועות