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san francisco based performance group foreignfire creates aesthetically powerful events in the overlapping area of performance art and jewish ritual

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waterpuller’s light #49: ויקרא

18 march 2021

three selections from the very first episode of leviticus with video collaboration and sounds from suki o'kane

if godwrestler’s total jewel effs up and a word mystifies from the crowd visionpools so they make the entirety of unmakable real guidelines into one and get nameblamed––when the contaminant they have polluted over knows out, the crowd will gut a control born bull for sanitization and enter it into the timegold tent face

the all time old timers will justify their actions over the bull’s head and the bull will get slit for the real face

leviticus 4:13-15

the oil smearable sotrue will bring from the bull’s blood into the timegold tent and the sotrue will dip their finger from the blood and spray a pulsating oath for the real face with the curtain surfaces and they’ll gift from the blood over the slaughterblock radiances approved for the face of what is approved in the timegold cover––and they’ll spill the total blood to the rising dripgift block foundation there at the timegold cover opening

leviticus 4:16-18

then with its whole fat they’ll elevate even higher and smoke it up to the dripgift block and do the same to the bull as they did to the sanitization bull––make yes to the one, so the sotrue can cover them up and it’ll cool down for them

then they’ll pull the bull to from out the camp and burn it same as the first bull was burned––it’s crowd sanitization.

leviticus 4:19-21