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san francisco based performance group foreignfire creates aesthetically powerful events in the overlapping area of performance art and jewish ritual

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waterpuller’s light #47: כי תשא

11 march 2021

three selections from the ninth episode of exodus

so waterpuller faced it and came down from the high with the double flats of total spacetime in their hand––plates encoded from their two appearances––they are written from this and from this. these flats are divine action and the code is divine code: freedom over the plates. then timer heard the people’s voice in its darkness and said to signpusher “war sound in the camp” and waterpuller said “no sound of weak pain and no sound of strong violence––i hear the sound of singing” when they came closer to the camp and waterpuller saw the shortcut and circling then waterpuller’s rage scorched and they slammed the plates from their hands and smashed them to pieces at the inverse of the height. and they grabbed the shortcut the people made, burned it by fire, ground it all the way to thin powder, spread over the water and hydrated the angelfighting kids.

exodus 32:15-20

the only one decided for signpusher: “compromise yourself on a pair of flat stones that imitate the primary ones, so i can write over the flats the speeches that evolved over the first plates (those you crushed to bits)––and gather yourself toward checktime, so you can rise to the firelight height at checktime and pay attention to me there at the moment of spectral initiation. no one rises with you. no one even sees that spectrum, even the sheep and the cows don’t meet darkness in the that spectrum’s inversion.” so waterpuller compromised on two stone flats kinda like the originals and woke up in the checktime to get as high as the firelight height same way the one summoned them, and brought in their hand two stone flats. then oneness made itself comprehensible in diffusion and stabilized with them there and said the only name out loud reflecting on their surfaces oneness sounded “oneness oneness wombed and containing movement––long tempered huge loved and truthed holds tenderness for thousands carries blame crime and contamination but does not sweep shit under the rug––calculates ancestors’ crimes over offspring and over offspring’s offspring over thirdlings and over fourthlings” then waterpuller sped up and heatpointed down to materiality and flattened, saying “if i locate forgiveness in your vision pools my foundation––my edge, please keep moving inside us––even though its an unresponsive bunch of people––so you can forgive our crime and contamination and fulfill us.”

exodus 34:1-9

the is said to signpusher “write these things down for yourself. because. over the mouth of these words i cut a deal with you and with the theobossers.” so they stayed and named with the is light times forty and darkness times forty consuming no food and drawing no water, just writing over the flats the words of the cut––the ten speeches. when waterpuller came down from the firelight height with the two timeless flats in waterpuller’s hands, as they descended the spectrum, waterpuller didn’t know that their facial skin was radiating as they were speaking with the is. when gestator and all the theobossing kids saw waterpuller and noticed that their facial skin was glowing, they were afraid to approach them. so waterpuller called to them and they returned to the is––gestator and all the raised individuals of the committee––so waterpuller could speak to them. after that, all the theobossing kids came close and they called them to the wholeness spoken to them by what is at the firelight height.

exodus 34:27-32