hella real jewish ritual

waterpuller's light #46: תצוה

25 february 2021

three selections from the eighth episode of exodus

make a justice feeler––thinker made––make it like bullet proof made––gold sky fuchsia and blood worm and make it flaxwoven it’ll be double quadruple pinky long and pinky wide and you’ll fill it up with a whole stone filling four stone columns: a column of ruby topaz and emerald––column one. column two: turquoise sapphire and diamond column three: amber obsidian and amethyst column four: marble onyx and jasper they’ll be squared gold in their fullnesses

exodus 28:15-20

they’ll tie the feeler by its rings to the vest rings with a blue fuse to evolve over the intellectual protective gear so the feeler doesn’t shift from over the vest gestator would be valuing the angelfighting kids’ addresses in the justice feeler above his own desire as he penetrates the fire point for a memory to the surface of what is continually and you will give the lights and perfections toward the justice feeler so they’ll hang over gestator’s desire as he enters to the real faces so gestator can carry the angelfighting kids’ laws over his heart to the real faces nonstop

exodus 28:28-30

take the second ram so gestator and his heirs can support their actions by the sacrificial principle you’ll slit the ram to learn from its blood and give over aaron’s earlobe and over his buildlings’ right earlobes and on the thickest actions of their dominant hand and on the big toe of their regular routine and then spray the blood circularly over the altar receive knowledge from the blood that’s on the altar and from the smearing oil and sprinkle it olive like on gestator and on his clothes, and on his heirs and on their clothes all together, so he and his clothes and his heirs and their clothes will all together get firepointed

exodus 29:19-21

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