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san francisco based performance group foreignfire creates aesthetically powerful events in the overlapping area of performance art and jewish ritual

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waterpuller’s light #45: תרומה

18 february 2021

three selections from the seventh episode of exodus with translations from keith mark gaboury

The fiery angels and cherubs exist now and in future slicing flight that spreads around corners, edges.Solo elevation reaches roofing on genderless wings.

Swoop down around corners, edges where a curtain is dyed the color of repentance.

Pull back the fabric to see forgiveness growing inside a shell.

Hatch open, forgiveness flies over a messenger, leader, human of skin origin walking towards power held by God’s blood vessels.

The human in exaltation can never forget the mirror blood of his sister moving towards the same power past an egg shell ruptured where forgiveness once sprouted feathers and a spine stuck through the eyes of the brother, sister, faces, surfaces facing the fiery angels and cherubs who need a place to rest their wings.

Is there room to rest in a shell that once held God’s yolk?

From above, the ark you will give a place, a gift to the testimony, eternity encased in gold, ornament, jewel.

I assign this place, this gift to you when I ascend as a golden witness to you, for you. Are you ready? I will verbalize a name for this place.

Agency from above pulls back our curtain to find forgiveness standing between us, a pair lived through years of the fiery angels and cherubs holding the ark as a testimony to eternity in jewel.

I summon you towards the sons and daughters of angel fighters, God wrestler.

They stand upright by the strength of their earthly bones.

exodus 25:20-22

You will first fashion a manufacturer of lamp, candelabrum, menorah of gold heavy in the holy hand.

You will make the menorah her thigh to stand as a rod, reed, stem her cups she drinks pure.

Flowers bound her buttons.

She will become reeds and nests hatched from her sides.

Reeds, chicks of light, menorah burning the aviation from one side.

Cups, almond shaped in the reeds, stem into the one button, wreath of flower bloom.

Watch now the cups, goblets caught in almond curve in the reeds, stemmed flowers.

The one button and wreath scream yes, this way, same same way.

Reeds, rods, stems exits from the menorah lit on the last night.

exodus 25:31-33

You will manufacture a veil, atonement, forgiveness in the complexion of a blue sky, crushed beetle burgundy, wormy vermillion, six marbles twirled by an artisan, planner, thinker. He will craft her angels, fire beings, cherubs you will gift a place to with her above the four pillars of acacias, floaters, bloaters plated in shine, their hooks gold over four foundations, lords, justices desire to be gifted the place behind the veil, forgiveness below the hooks, you bring sharpness into the house where the veil is revealed, the ark, cabinet, closet holds testimony, laws in hard jewel separate the cloth of forgiveness for you, us, we must understand the holy fire bows and burns between, among, within us.

exodus 26:31-33