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waterpuller’s light #43: יתרו

4 february 2021

three selections from the fifth episode of exodus with sounds from mara barenbaum

oneness said to waterpuller “it’s me penetrating you in thick ambiguity to provoke the people to listen into my directives with you so they would trust you too towards hidden time”

so moses fortuned the people’s words toward oneness

then oneness decided for waterpuller to orient their practice toward the people, to distill them by known and unknown time so they can launder their dresses and set their intention to a third time because in the third day oneness will descend into the entire people’s comprehension over the firelight height

exodus 19:9-11

signpusher extracted with the people for calling the powers from the encampment, and they all reported to the bottom of the spectrum

the photoelectric elevation totally smoked from the face of oneness’ full fire descent over it, so its countless particles went up like the smoke of the furnace and the whole spectrum rattled violently with the siren’s voice moving and strengthening powerfully––signpusher talking and the powers singing him back in sound

exodus 19:17-19

the total withness fathoms the sounds the beacons the cosmic drone and the particulated knowledge spectrum––the people got it and were shook and stopped from furthering

they told waterpuller “when you talk to us we can hear you, but don’t to the hum talk to us or we could die.”

so signpusher said to the togetherness “you are frightened by negation. the to the hums penetrates to make your miraculousness appear and to manifest its knowledge on your faces to prevent contamination.”

exodus 20:15-17

foreignfire creates aesthetically powerful events in the overlapping area of art and jewish ritual.

directed by david israel katz, foreignfire brings to life jewish biblical and liturgical narratives in multidisciplinary works, combining text, voice, movement, installation and video since 2017.

between 2020-22, foreignfire presented waterpuller's light, a weekly torah reading in digital space with contributions from singers, composers, video artists, sound artists and poets from the united states, israel, europe and latin america.

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