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waterpuller’s light #42: בשלח

28 january 2021

three selections from the song of the sea––fourth episode of exodus

with chanting and sounds from mateo lugo

they sing one through seven––armspreader with the theobossing kids––this four hundred seventeenth song to the only one––they really want to say “for the one i am a poem. because it prides tidewise to thrash executives in chaos together with their underlings

that one dares to sing and it’s worth the waiting

i’m hot to lick water out this power oasis

i fly high the force that shapes me

oneness is a meltdown message––its thereness is one”

exodus 15:1-3

hater says: “i grab i get i split the dough. my wantbody is bloating. i empty out my magazine and strip them by hand.”

you blow your wind––they are chaos covered

sounds like melted lead dropped into enormous water

who comes close to what you are (from any power at all) you one

is anyone as majestically hot as you

frighteningly famous

demonstrably unreachable

exodus 15:9-11

bring them in. plant them in your rivering height––

you activate a research institute for your sitting

your one’s hands stabilize a holy reactor

the one moves for hidden totality and beyond

when interruptor’s beastly machinery thrusts––drivers and all––into the sea

and the one draws the water of chaos over them

then the theobossing kids practice on solid ground surrounded by total confusion

exodus 15:17-19

foreignfire creates aesthetically powerful events in the overlapping area of art and jewish ritual.

directed by david israel katz, foreignfire brings to life jewish biblical and liturgical narratives in multidisciplinary works, combining text, voice, movement, installation and video since 2017.

between 2020-22, foreignfire presented waterpuller's light, a weekly torah reading in digital space with contributions from singers, composers, video artists, sound artists and poets from the united states, israel, europe and latin america.

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