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san francisco based performance group foreignfire creates aesthetically powerful events in the overlapping area of performance art and jewish ritual

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three selections from the first episode of exodus with chanting, teaching and translations from david israel katz, and music from michelle alexander

an intermediary from the comealong incrowd moved to study with the comealong essence

the woman heightened and birthed a child she saw they were as good as urlicht so she encrypted them by three moons

when she no longer contained their encryption, she learned a reeded word for them and materialized it in red clay and tar––she named the child by it and placed at the limit over the lightstream lip

exodus 2:1-3

their sibling pillared themselves from furthering towards knowledge what would be made for them

frazzlehead’s essence descended to purify over the waterglow––her initiates practicing according to the waterglow protrusion

she comprehended the word inside of finitude so she sent her truth duct and understood it

she opened up and perceived the one together with the child, appearing as a wakeful weeper so she compassioned on them and concluded: “this one is of the crosser children.”

exodus 2:4-6

their sibling set an intention to the unraveller’s daughter: “should i go call a milking intermediary from the crosserwomen to breastfeed the child for you?”

the unraveller’s soul said “go.” so the vanished child went and called the child’s mother.

frayer’s essence set this intention for her: “entrain this birthed being and breastfeed them for me so i can give your reward.”

so the intermediary took the child and suckled them. the child grew up and she brought them to unraveller’s precious one, and they became a son for her. she called him “waterpuller” and she thought “because i pulled him from the water.”

exodus 2:7-10

waterpuller’s light #39: שמות

7 january 2021