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san francisco based performance group foreignfire creates aesthetically powerful events in the overlapping area of performance art and jewish ritual

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waterpuller’s light #38: ויחי

30 december 2020

three short selections from the very end of genesis with sounds from maayan tsadka and visuals from milka sigalla

heelgrabber decided for doorstepper: “the fertilizer came to me in almondtown, surrenderedland, and brought me to my knees. they told me ‘here i am––your fertilizer. i’m enlarging you to gift you as a crowd of togethernesses, to give this earth to your kernel, your others, held tight by hidden time.’

“and in the now time: your two buildlings––childed to you in tootight materiality through my entrance into you, into tootight––are mine. doublefruiter and profitturner as mine as seeboy and hearling.”

genesis 48:3-5

that’s all. twelve angelfighting clubs. and that’s what their shaper worded to them to kneel them––manifested them by the real person’s manifestation. mobilized them by saying to them: “i am doorstepping to my withness. bury me towards my shapers, towards deep awakening at burner dusty’s field. in that cave at the multiplication arena that’s over the bittering face in a surrendered territory––the one that high humming daddy bought that lot from dusty the burner for a held grave.”

genesis 49:28-30

doorstepper told their decision to their siblings: “i am dead. but to the hum will sure count you and float you from this physicality to the materialization they sevened for high daddy, chuckler and heelgrabber.” so doorstepper sevened up theoboss’ spawn: “when the humpowers actually count you in then you’ll raise my bones higher than this.” doorstepper died as a one hundred ten repeater. they embalmed them and memorized them in the case at the tootight.

genesis 50:24-26