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san francisco based performance group foreignfire creates aesthetically powerful events in the overlapping area of performance art and jewish ritual

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waterpuller’s light #37: ויגש

23 december 2020

this reading comes from genesis 44:18-47:27

and doorstepper couldn’t contain to hold back for the whole standby crew around them, so they called “clear all gobetweens from over me” so no intermediary meditated with doorstepper when they outed to their siblings. they gave their voice in a wail––the tootights heard it; interruptor’s insiders heard it. doorstepper said to their siblings “i am thresholder is my dad still alive?” but they couldn’t answer them because they were shocked by their face. so doorstepper said to their siblings “come close to me please” and they came close and they said “i am doorstepper your sibling that you sold me tootightward.”

genesis 45:1-4

“and now you all didn’t send me here, but actually the humming to’s, so they can name me papa to interruptor and a foundation to his whole tootight wealth. get speedy and get high to my formgiver to tell him ‘this is what your child doorstepper decided: humpower laid me down as a foundation for the total tootight. simplify towards me––don’t be meditating. you’ll set down in the close country so you can be near me––you and your kids and grandkids, your sheep and cows and everything you’ve got.’”

genesis 45:8-10

to the hum speaks to theoboss in the dark mirage and decides heelgrabber––heelgrabber. so they say “i’m here.” and it gives: “i am the to––your source’s to. don’t be scared of coming down tightward, cuz i’ll put you in a big body over there––i’ll come down with you, and i’ll for sure bring you back up even higher too. and doorstepper will be spreading their hand over your lakes.”

genesis 46:2-4