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san francisco based performance group foreignfire creates aesthetically powerful events in the overlapping area of performance art and jewish ritual

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waterpuller’s light #36: מקץ

17 december 2020

this chunk of mosaic teaching comes from genesis 41:1-44:17 with sounds and visuals from the delightful and generous árbol ruíz

the theostriving buildlings entered to purchase among the enterers when the hunger hit in the surrendered earth. and thresholder––they are the tyrant over all material resources, they provide food to the entire earthly population, so thresholder’s siblings came in and dropped to them––two noses floorwise. thresholder saw and recognized their siblings––alienated to them and commanded harsh manipulations: “you come from nothing.”

“we come in from surrendered earth to purchase consumption.” thresholder saw through their siblings, but they could not see through them. invoking the visions they envisioned to them, they told them “you are agents. you come digging up dirt on this wealth.”

genesis 42:5-9

“you will be ultrainternal––my total togetherness will kiss you on the mouth. i am senior to you only by the seat.” frazzlehead said to thresholder “look––i place you over the whole doublenarrow wealth.” frazzlehead removed their ring from their executive arm and gave it over thresholder’s hand, dressing them in marbled betrayals and nameplacing the golden layer on their neck, driving them on their secondary metaphysics to have their face called “manifested” and be given over the entire doublenarrow wealth. frazzled said to thresholder “i am frayer, and without you no executive will take on any project or set any policy in the whole doublenarrow estate.”

genesis 41:40-44

grateful entered thresholder’s home while they were still there and their siblings followed, collapsing toward fact to their face. thresholder told them “what’s your deal with doing this? don’t you know that an executive on my level senses snakingly?”

so grateful said “what do we say to my edge––can we either command or justify anything? the therepower found out your inadequate underlings

here we are: indentured to my foundation––all of us––together with the person who holds the goblet.”

and they said “it would disgrace me to do that. the person holding the goblet––they will be indentured to me. the rest of you rise to your source for totality.”

genesis 44:14-17