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san francisco based performance group foreignfire creates aesthetically powerful events in the overlapping area of performance art and jewish ritual

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waterpuller’s light #35: וישב

10 december 2020

this reading comes from genesis 37:1-40:23 with sounds from edan shalom mor and videowork from tal yuval mor

thresholder would imagine a vision and fortune it towards their siblings, who would cross the threshold to them with more hatred. they would say to them “check out this picture i dreamed: here we are tying up silences in the inner field, when my silencebundle sustains verticality, and there are your bundles circling it and flattening to it.” so their siblings would say to them “you gonna bossy boss us, or do you prefer to controllingly control us” and they stepped across with more hating.

genesis 37:5-8

seeboy told them “don’t spill blood––throw them into this empty hole in the empty place, but don’t send an extension into them” (for shading them from their violence to return them to their dad) so when thresholder approached their siblings, they simplified thresholder: their third layer, their second layer (the fancy one), their first layer. they grabbed them and threw them in into the hole. the hole is vacuous––in it nothingness is water.

genesis 37:22-24

thresholder told him “here’s how it unties: the branch trio are a day trio. in three more days the frayer lifts your head and reseats you on your pedestal so you place the frayercup in the hand like the primordial law that you’d have him drink. if you would remember me as well as you remember yourself after your situation improves, then please do me a personal favor and remind frayergod of me and pull me out of this prison. because i was abducted and smuggled from the crosserland, and even here i did nothing but they put me in the pit.”

genesis 40:12-15