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san francisco based performance group foreignfire creates aesthetically powerful events in the overlapping area of performance art and jewish ritual

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waterpuller’s light #32: תולדות

19 november 2020

this reading comes from genesis 25:19-28:9 with sounds from mateo lugo

laughling submitted with what is to the presence of his wife because she is rootless and what is submitted to him so his fatty messenger could mountain up. the babies tearing up in her innards until she said if this then why me. so she went to inquire with the real. it decided for her: “dual bodies in you belly. dual motherstrains split from your gut. a motherstrain hardens from a motherstrain. a big one labors for a young one.” when her timeseas filled up for childing there were twins in her belly

genesis 25:21-24

fatty listens into laughling's instructions to doer his son for doer to move into the expanse to hunt game for entry. so cushy tells heelgrabber her son her decision: “i just heard your dad talking to your brother doer like this: ‘bring me wild ideas and do me flavorables so i can know you and bring you to manifestation to the real face, to the face of my death.’ and now my child obey my voice––i summon you toward contentment. please go to the herd and take for me from there two good goat kids and i’ll do them flavorables for your dad the way he likes it. then you will teach your father and he’ll learn in exchange for manifesting you to his death’s face.”

genesis 27:5-10

so laughling, his father, told him please reach over and kiss me my son. so he reached over and kissed him and he smelled the odor of his betrayals, but blessed him––he said: take it in. my son’s smell is like the smell of vastness made tangible by what is. the therepowers will give you more than the unreachable drops and the extracts of matter plus tons of grain and grape. peoples will labor for you; motherstrains will flatten for you, be a strength to your siblings and your mother’s buildlings will flatten to you. your crumbler is crumbled and your maker is made.

genesis 27:26-29