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san francisco based performance group foreignfire creates aesthetically powerful events in the overlapping area of performance art and jewish ritual

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waterpuller’s light #31: חיי שרה

12 november 2020

this reading comes from genesis 23:1-25:18 with chanting from sid chen and sounds from adrienne adar

so he said “one who is, powers of my boss hum daddy, please make the day happen to my face and do my boss hum daddy a favor.“ i’m standing here over the water’s eye and the city people’s children are out pumping water so it’ll go like this: the young person that, when i say to them ’please tilt your jar so i can drink’ and they answer ‘drink up and i’ll water your camels too,’ that person you reveal for your worker––for laughling––and in them i’d know that you are doing my boss a favor.”

genesis 24:12-14

he’s not even finished planning it out and there’s fatty coming out (who is born to inpower, child of queen, wife of freeking, brother of hum daddy) with their vessel on their shoulder. this child possesses deep and good vision––still untouched, unfertilized by any angel––they inquire deep down into the eye to fill their vessel and then elevate. the worker runs to call them, saying “please gulp me a little water from your jar” and they say “observe, my edge” and quickly they simplify their language into action and hydrate him.

genesis 24:15-17

as they finish hydrating him they say “i’ll pump for your camels too until they are done drinking.” and quickly they wake up their system to the source of knowledge and run over the exegeses again and again to understand until they pump for all his camels. and the messenger wonders about them––keeps silent to invite knowledge of whether the is comes through him or not.

genesis 24:18-21