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san francisco based performance group foreignfire creates aesthetically powerful events in the overlapping area of performance art and jewish ritual

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waterpuller’s light #30: וירא

5 november 2020

this reading comes from genesis 18-22 with chanting from amy foote and sounds from IIITAIII

as the delegates get up and reflect over the bloodshackled face, top hovering papa moves with them to see them out while the only one says does individuality hide from high humming daddy what individuality does. even though top hum pop hum is and will be an abundant concentrated body for all earthly bodies to manifest through––i have fertilized him in a certain direction to orient those who build him and his insides toward divine traces so they keep in step with oneness for kneading finery and nuance so what brings in what it spoke over pop a hum

genesis 18:16-19

so famefather touched it saying would you actually snuff good people along with evil people? maybe there are fifty good ones in the inner city––would you still snuff without lifting toward existence toward the fifty good ones in her innards? empty yourself from doing anything like that––to execute a good person together with an asshole––that makes the good person no different than the asshole. stop yourself. the differentiator of all matter does not differentiate? so oneness said if i find in bloodshackleton fifty goodies intrapolis then i’ll lift the whole existence thing up in their passage

genesis 18:23-26

then what bombed on bloodshackleton and tortureville sulphur and fire courtesy of what from the duplefarthest and the force inverted these cities together with the whole cluster and with the cities’ residents and soil’s growth.but [lot’s] woman looks away from divine traces and becomes a salt standerearly that morning pop a hum went to the place where he meditates with the face of what

genesis 19:24-27