hella real jewish ritual

waterpuller's light #3: בהר-בחקתי

14 may 2020

leviticus 25-28 chanted by the magical amy foote with audio processing by the audacious ben zucker

i’ll place my duration inside you so my likings don’t get disgusted with you that way i’ll be unfolding in your inside and become both for you and beyond you so you all get together towards me the only i that is outside of you is me who pulled you from the doubleclenching concrete from being their slaves me who is cracking your burdenrods and parading you proudly

every tenth of your money and food all of what’s on those spreadsheets the tenth will burn for what is no matter if it’s a nice one or a shitty one you can’t exchange it and if you go ahead and exchange it anyway then both the item and it’s exchange value will burn it can’t be saved these terms of service are given by what is to signpusher for theowrestler’s progeny in firelight heights

the singular spoke to signpusher on a high desert wavelength for this purpose: message this to theoboss’ buildlings: when you dip into the materiality i give you then that earth will cycle by the sevenfold cycle of what is sow your field six repetitions sing off your vineyard six versions and threshold its bringing in the seventh phase all matter will be stiller than still a stillness toward the absolute you will not seed your territory and not cut your grapevines

leviticus 25:1-4

leviticus 26:11-13

leviticus 27:33-34