hella real jewish ritual

waterpuller’s light #28: נח

22 october 2020

this reading comes from genesis 6:9-11:32 with chanting from barbara lazara and sounds from kataryna kopelevich

because here i am bringing the annihilation water over the earth to corrupt the whole living meat from under the therewaters everything on earth dies but i’ll make good on my cut with you you’ll enter the word you and your buildlings and your female person and your sons’ wives with you and from the whole organism all incarnation twice of the totality you’ll bring into the word to keep alive with you they are both male and female

genesis 6:17-19

they wiped out the entire rising existence on the blooded surface from human to beast through crawlers and sky flyers so they were purged from material existence and only comfort and what with them in the ark were left and the water got stronger than the earth for 150 days the who’s there masculanized mr. comfort plus all the animalia and the mammalia that’s with them in the ship and who’s there hebrewizing a gap over matter and chaos calms down the empty humming eyes and the channels to what’s up there dammed shut and the rain was sucked up into the sky

genesis 7:23-8:2

i give my bow in the cloud so it’ll evidence an alliance between me and between the earth so when i cloud up a mist over the earth the bow could be seen in the cloud and i continue my alliance that’s between me and between you and between all the entire living body in every enfleshment that there won’t be any more water for extinction to destroy everything incarnate the arch is there in the mist and i think of it as a way to record an all time alliance between what hums out there and between everything that lives a life in meat over the earth

genesis 9:13-16