hella real jewish ritual

waterpuller’s light #27: בראשית

15 october 2020

this reading is the first one in genesis celebrating the beginning of a new reading cycle with chanting from taya ma and sounds from evan karp

to the hum decides there’s a membrane inside the chaotic liquid and there’s a differentiator between liquid and water so they make the hammered sheet and differentiate between the water happy to be below the sheet and between the chaos happy to be over the membrane just so therehum calls the flattened sheet therewaters so it was blended and it was looked over a second time

genesis 1:6-8

they intend the water below the therewaters to flow towards singular elevation so dryness can be conceived and it happens they call dryness material and liquid is called timeseas and they watch it getting good so they say this material fluffs out weed grass spreading potential splitting into fruit that makes its own kind of fruit with its own power kernel in it based on dry minerals and it happens the earth lets out weed grass spreading seeds of all kinds and trees making fruit with their own seeds in them and they see it’s getting good so there is swirling and there is checking it out a third time

genesis 1:7-13

born first births the to with the theres and with the heres to bring the here into huffing and puffing into lightless fire over flat hum depth so the to gap, floating over liquid time decides light and light is and therehum sees light getting good so wherehum divides between the light and between the lightless and tohum calls light time and lightless fire is called night so there’s mixture and there’s inspection in one time

genesis 1:1-5