hella real jewish ritual

this reading comes from the very end of deuteronomy celebrating the end of one reading cycle and the beginning of a new one with sounds from austin coulson

waterpuller’s light #26: וזאת הברכה

8 october 2020

this is the manifestation that signpusher, medium for the unreachable, brought down on the godstruggling spawn while facing their death: “the one enters through flamelight, radiates to them hotter than red hair, shows up from bling heights coming in deeper than millions of lava sparks lawfire from its dominant side straight to them. peoplelover––you made all their specials and they danced to the rhythm of your walk and picked up the sound of your talk. moses pushed us signs: heritage content for the heelgrabbing crowd.”



“hey singersonger. nothingness is like the ultimate direction––it rides high for you, grinding supergalactic tidesthe only address is the primordial unreachable; the universe is seedheld on the flipside––it blows haters off your face saying “kill!”

the angelwrestler stays in the independent safety of heelgrabber’s oasis towards starch and wine wealth––their skies even rush with droplets

theoboss you lucky duck. is anyone as well timed with what is as you? what shields you, helps you out, keeps you sharp and proud. your haters might ignore you, but you stomp all over their platforms.”



a prophet like moses who is fertilized skin to skin by oneness cannot come up in israel anymore, for all the signs and demonstrations that god sent them to perform in tight oppressive materialism to frazzlehead and to all their servants and all their wealth––or for all the tough action and the whole enormous shock that moses made happen in sight of the total angelfighter