hella real jewish ritual

this special sukkot reading comes from leviticus 23 with chanting and sounds from corey fogel

waterpuller’s light #25: special reading for sukkot

3 october 2020

is talked waterpuller into a decision: “tell theoboss’s children that at fifteen days to this seventh month it’s the temporary shelter fest seven days for what is. first day: firecall. you won’t do any work tasks. seven days you’ll bring fires close to is. eighth day: firecall for you––you’ll bring fires close to is. it’s a stoppage––you won’t do any work tasks.”



“only at fifteen days to the seventh month when you collect the material inbringing you’ll circle with the divine encircling a sevening of timeseas, first day a rester and eighth day a rester. on the first day you’ll internalize a majesty tree fruit, high reaching hands, far reaching thick tree and mixed restwaters to exuberate towards the surfaces of what’s outside you for seven days. and you’ll spin it a spin for what’s there a sevening of eons in the repetition engraved universally to your dwellerations on the seventh moon you’ll spin it.”



“you’ll live in the covers for seven days––every citizen in israel will sit in the covers. to the address that your generations know that when i extracted the israeli children from material slavery i put them up in temporary covers––i am out there for you.” so moses laid down the cosmic calendar to the angelwrestling buildlings.



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