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san francisco based performance group foreignfire creates aesthetically powerful events in the overlapping area of performance art and jewish ritual

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waterpuller's light #22: special reading for day two of the hebrew new year

20 september 2020

selections from genesis 22

behind all these words the ultimate direction iconized supershaper. said “supershaper.” said “i’m here.” please take your son, your only loved one––the one who laughs––and go into your bitter body to burn him up there at the one peak that i intend for you. supershaper woke up before dawn to fill up the truck and pickup the guys and isaac his son. he split sacrificial trees, stood up and moved towards the execution that is intended for him.

genesis 22:1-3

they penetrated the place that the one outside intended for itself and highdaddy built the altar right there, laid down the wood, tied up his laughing child and named him over the altar and over the trees. highdaddy sent the divine touch and picked up the consumerator to slaughter his son––the angel of god called him from the heavens and said “superfather.” “highdaddy.” and he said “i’m here.”

genesis 22:9:11

said “don’t release your hand to this shaking child and don’t remother him. if i knew now that you are terrified by what is there for you, wouldn’t you spare your unique child because of me?” superfather joined his tear pools in forgiveness and saw a ram behind there, attached to the complications by its own radiance. so abraham made a practice of taking a ram and burning it instead of his child, and named that ritual “what is sees” that the eon would be resolved by seeing what is up there.

genesis 22:12-14