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san francisco based performance group foreignfire creates aesthetically powerful events in the overlapping area of performance art and jewish ritual

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waterpuller’s light #21: special day one new year reading

19 september 2020

selections from genesis 21 with chanting from tim silva sounds from kataryna kopelevich and translations from tal yuval mor

Sarah was seen in the way of All’s primordial pinky swear, All’s once-words for Sarah manifested in mirroring choreography. All wrote the sky of which Sarah and Abraham danced a child. Abraham exclaimed, “Isaac!” and there was no debate. Isaac was slightly reshaped by Abraham, on the day after the first seven, per All’s perfect timer.

genesis 21:1-4

Isaac was to Abraham a congratulatory heaven plop on behalf of his one-hundredth circling. Sarah squealed an unending, unabashed, highly infectious laughter, a postprayer kiss blown to All. Sarah knew that what came of her flirtation with All was not foreseen by any. Many gathered in a celebratory feeding when Isaac could finally chew.

genesis 21:5-8

“Grace your hand with the direction of your young, for of them more will come.” All showed Hagar where their water gathered, and she guided a portion to her young’s mouth. And so All was forever with Hagar’s child. All saw the boy through all his phases— as a wilderness dweller in Paran, as an archer, and as someone in love.

genesis 21:18-21