hella real jewish ritual

three short sections from leviticus 23 with modular synth sounds from itai asseo and translations by ava sayaka rosen

speak for me when you say: stay home from work

make an occasion for us

the seventh day is a sabbath, a palace in time to dwell in whether at home or in exile. These sacred occasions are fixed, except when time leaps, except when slipping between two new moons

leviticus 23:2-4

make me an offering: build me a fragrant fire, make me dinner, pour me a bit of wine – a libation. The grapevine, the barley of the earth, are offerings to you from this land that is your inheritance

count these sheafs every day for seven weeks, in mourning or in celebration

pinkie promise you will love me forever

leviticus 23:13-15

harvest: etrog fruits from the hadar tree, palm branches, leafy boughs, willows of the brook. For seven days in the seventh month, every year for the seventh generation, celebrate in the temple of the earth, dwell in her shady hut.

leviticus 23:40-42

waterpuller's light #2: אמור

7 may 2020