hella real jewish ritual

waterpuller's light #19: כי תבוא

3 september 2020

three selections from deuteronomy 26:1-29:8 with sounds from ben goldberg

if you ever make it to the dough that the endless out there gives you restriver, enriching and stabilizing yourself in it, then you’ll learn from the total bludmud fruit that you bring in from your wealth that your one out there gives you and weave it into names, practicing towards the construction refined by your there is to therify its thereness therereach into the intermediaries that exist in those temporal oceans and set your intention to them “i spill time for what is your direction because i came inside the earth that one sevened itself into our ancestors to gift us”



“it brought us to this rising and gave us this physicality––a honeysoaked milkdripping matter––here and now i bring in the bludmud fruit idea that you gave me omg––“ and you’ll rest it to the surfaces of what is out there for you and flatten yourself to the faces of what is beyond you and you’ll party in the all-good that your all out gave you and your home––you and the loaner and stranger who are in your belly



the huge studies that your visionsprings understood––those enormous exemplary omens. but the is didn’t give you desire for knowledge or sightpools for perception or balance for listening all the way to today i moved you tensquare repetitions in emptiness your lightgarments haven’t withered over you and your elevator hasn’t lost fertility over your habit you ate no bread and drank no wine or liquor to get you to knowing that i am out there for you



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