hella real jewish ritual

waterpuller's light #16: ראה

13 august 2020

three selections from deuteronomy 11:26-16:17

if a bringer or a dream visionary gains enough power in your bowels to drive signs or directives towards you and the directive sign they command penetrates you to desire walking behind lesser deities (ones you don’t know) and worship them, then don’t listen to the commands of that magician or vision dreamer because the one outside you is flagging you for proof that a critical mass of you indulge in the only pleasure, all heart, whole bodypractice in the traces of what’s beyond you even though it terrifies you––guard its directives, listen to its voice, work with it and stick to it.



if inside you lives a hungry person from one of your relatives in one of your measurements in the material that the one beyond you gives you, don’t tighten your heart and don’t squeeze your palm from your hungry relative. for real you’ll spread your hand to them and actually give them enough to fill their emptiness, what’s missing for them. watch yourself that there’s no unfloatable message with your desires saying “the oathcycle is coming soon, the free food year” so your eye vilifies your hungry relative and you don’t give them and they call over you to what is and contaminants live in you. you will actually give them and your motivations won’t rot in your giving to them, because in rolling out this scenario the one beyond you manifests you in your total doing and in you total handsending because hungry people won’t just disappear from the core of wealth––that’s why i teach you the intention to spread your palm wide to your relative, your poor person and your hungry person in your material abundance



the shelter spin party! you do you for seven days: collect rewards from your threshing floor and from your winery! so you’re gonna exuberate in your spinning you and your children of all genders and your servants of all genders, propertyless, stateless, parentless and partnerless people within your gates. you’ll circle for the one out there for seven timeseas at the site prepared by your one beyond because the one beyond you concentrates you in all your action making and you’ll do nothing but partythree pulses per cycle your whole remembrance will be seen at the surface of what is out there for you at the chosen site: in the crackerfest, the oathspin, and the shelter party––and they won’t show up in their emptiness! every person is like a gift of the total hand, like a realization of your one beyond that it gives to you



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