hella real jewish ritual

waterpuller's light #12: מטות-מסעי

16 july 2020

three selections from the very end of numbers 30:2-36:13 with chanting from joel chapman and drum sounds from corey fogel

this one also needs a **disclaimer**: please remember that judaism does not follow the letter of biblical law, and that capital punishment and blood vengeance have been banned in jewish practice for centuries

the the put this straight to moses: "talk right to the little angelfighters and purport to them: 'now that you transgress this falling stream into surrendered earth, civilize some cities for yourselves––you'll have bombshelter cities––so a killer could run there, someone who has destroyed a body unintentionally. this way you you'll have these cities as protection from an avenger, a killer would not be executed before standing trial in the collective face. these cities you provide––you'll have six protective cities.'"

numbers 35:9-13

"you'll put a trio of these cities across the downgrader, and put a trio of these cities in the subjugated land––they'll be reception cities. for godkickboxer's kids and for the wanderer and the homebody inside them––these six cities will be a shelter for any unintentional soulbeater to run to. but if they beat them to death with an iron tool then they are a murderer––the murderer must be killed dead."

numbers 35:14-16

"also: if they hit them with a killing handstone and they die, then they are a murderer––the murderer must be totally executed. or if they beat them up with a deadly wooden hand weapon, then they are a murderer––the murderer must be all the way killed. the bloodsaviour––they will execute the murderer. when they run into them, they'll execute them."

numbers 35:17-19

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