hella real jewish ritual

this reading comes from numbers 25:10-30:1

with chanting by sophia bondi, sounds by henry plotnick, and videos by tal mor

[fearshadow’s daughters] meditated to waterpuller’s face and to helpreacher’s face (the priest) and to the face of the elevates and the completeness of witnesses gathered at the timegold sanctuary threshold with this intention:“our father died in the emptiness and he was not in the crowd who cliqued above what is (or isn’t) in the korah clique––he died with his own issues, but he had no male children. what good is it if our dad’s name is torn out of his family because he has no son? grant us a landhold within our father’s family."

numbers 27:2-4

the is moved waterpuller to rise to this same height of revelation and to comprehend the concrete manifestation that the is gives to theodomino’s buildlings. “you’ll fathom it and rejoin your ancestors––even you, yes––same way your closeted sibling rejoined. same as you guys bittered my speechhole in the parched nowhere, while the witnesscrowd was agonizing, and made me a waterwhore to their eyes––those are the prostituted conflict waters parched nowhere.”

numbers 27:12-14

so moses spoke to the is: “will the is who stretches beyond what moves the sum of embodied life place a guide over the witnessing collective? someone who exits to their faces and who enters to their faces, who outs them and who ins them, so the is jewel won’t be like sheep herded by nothingness.” so the one who is and isn’t said to waterpuller “get yourself godtime fisher, an abundantly motivated person, and lay your activities on them.”

numbers 27:15-18

waterpuller's light #11: פנחס