hella real jewish ritual

this reading comes from numbers 19:1-25-9

with chanting from tim silva, audioprocessing by raphael radna, and animations by milka sigalla

so waterpuller took the rod from the surface of is as is called it and the waterpuller and the closet crowded the crowd in front of the rock and said to them: “you contrarians please listen here––are we gonna get you water out this rock??”

then puller exaggerated his own doings and hit the rock twice with his godgiven authority and huge waters gushed out so the whole crowd drank (and their animals too)

numbers 20:9-11

the unknowable one penetrated eaterupper’s stomach and asked “who are these messengers? yours?” so eaterupper said to the mysteries “the flying cracker, big boss of fatheressence, sent for me: ‘that massive mob that squirted out of the two tight spots and now darkens the whole material prospect? go curse them for me. maybe i can make some bread out of them and turn them into wandering strangers.’”

so the one out of bounds set this intention for swallowupper: “don’t walk with them. you can’t cast a spell over this people because they’re already made.”

numbers 22:9-12

so he switched to poetry mode and started:“orphaned swallower child of the pit speaks. the man with sightpools caked-over speaks. words from someone who listens beyond silence, who sees the cosmic boob vision, who kneels begging while keeping eye contact:

such solid tents you got you heelgrabber :)

your digs, theoboss––they lean like canyons

or like orchards on the lightbeam stream

like the spicetrees that what’shisname planted

cedar phalluses washed in liquid chaos

dripping water from your needles

spreading your seed in wild spacetime

your powerdriver flies higher than these murderous cowards

you dominate above and beyond”

numbers 24:3-7

waterpuller's light #10: חקת-בלק