hella real jewish ritual

waterpuller's light #1: אחרי מות-קדושים

30 april 2020

three short sections from leviticus 16 17 and 20 with translations by the indelible tal yuval mor

the airborne surrounded the water-drawn one in loud wind: tell your high mountain kin not to cross into the room which faces my face, but to root in the face which faces the face which faces my face, or else collapse. i make myself known in the embers’ most enduring longings // the high mountain kin are to root in said face with a salubrious winged appetizer and an erect legged main course, from this we shall be opened // once fully steamed, adorned with distilled clouds from temple to toe, and with frozen cream secured upon the head, their flesh shall retrieve its esteem

and thus i pattern those with sky-impassioned spines: no one of you, not even you who are sometimes them, shall pursue those urges concerning the blood bucket // and if any one with a sky-impassioned spine or any you-them in their perimeter deadens an erect winged or a salubrious legged for feast, they shall give its liquid breath a respectful funeral underfoot // blood is the breath of all flesh, and so i pattern those with sky-impassioned spines: you shall not bring another’s blood to your blood, for blood is the breath of all flesh, and anyone who conducts such a merging will be canceled

and you will parse the circle of blooded and fleshed, and make halves between erect and wilted, salubrious winged and filthy legged, and when hungry you will not pollute by wilted or filthy legged or by any other misaligned hearted and veined which i here breathe, and have trained you to walk amidst free of pointed object grips // and you will be always newborn to me for i am soft skinned newborn embrace, and i have made halves in all the nurseries to make you my only, to be my own. // and any firegut or waterspine or earthhead who merrily vessels a belated returner or a not passing shadow shall be dropped from my arms and immersed in tiny pebbles and night terrors will forever unend them

leviticus 16:2-4

leviticus 17:12-14

leviticus 20:25-27