hella real jewish ritual

terrible times is a series of art-rituals for the hebrew new year and coverup day.

three experimental high holy days events, and two open preview sessions:

>>> terrible times

ימים נוראים <<<

gaze into the heart of chaos from the oceanic digestive tract as you listen to jonah's song of darkness in this immersive audiovisual installation

7 september

new year:

learn the three traditional blows of the horn, and mix them up in a momentary communal howl (manual air horns will be provided)

coverup night:

15 september

16 september

coverup day:

encounter your vows, promises, lies and betrayals up close in this experimental kol nidre sound and movement ritual

:יום כיפור

:כל נדרי

:ראש השנה




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david israel katz is a singer, composer and performance artist. deeply rooted in jewish community, david’s recent work has been drawing on biblical and prayer-book texts, as well as on the nonverbal text of Jewish ritual. he studied composition and improvisation at mills college, and art and social change at ciis, and has specialized in voice and movement improvisation. as director of foreignfire, he organizes ensemble improvisations, writes performance and art-ritual scores, and leads creative workshopping processes. ha’aretz described him as “an uber-performer,” and his art-ritual, THRESH, was praised by jewish currents as “an intense game you can lose yourself in.” Recent appearances include musrara mix festival, (jerusalem); xavier veilhan’s studio venezia (venice biennale); and naomi rincon gallardo’s formaldehyde trip (sfmoma, the broad).

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san francisco based performance group foreignfire creates aesthetically powerful events in the overlapping area of performance art and jewish ritual

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