events in voice

drawing freely from biblical narrative and liturgical text, absolute one scratches raw the calloused skin of conventional jewish practice with chance, risk and dream

absolute one is a participatory art ritual that maps jacob's transformative encounter with the angel over the liturgy that twice a day awakens the ears to oneness

upon entry, participants receive instructions for the creation of a relational soundscape cued by the dancers' movement on the floor


“heeler waxed larger toward the twig, dusting a person inside, witnessed by dawn’s leafing-- no completion in sight, fatigue penetrated the thighspoon, and heeler’s thighsocket cracked during the internal dusting match-- said push me away when sunlight is leafing-- said i won’t send you if you don’t tenderize me-- said when you come near it how does it know you said heelgrabber-- said it no longer wants to find you by heelgrabber, only by theoboss, when you boss around both with gods and with messengers and become fulfilled-- still heeler kept searching and said please enrich me with your address, said you search for my thereness to reach the what, and gave tenderness right there-- heeler spoke the address of the place theresurface bc i get directions surface to surface and my lifebody‍‍‍ is deathshadowed”

genesis 32:24-30